Information Technology

The Accountant – A Business ‘Intelligist’

Presented in collaboration with Mindful-CPA! The role of the Accountant is changing as we speak with the advent of new technologies, artificial intelligence and the cloud. In this webinar, Sunish proposes that the Accountant is really a Business ‘Intelligist’ and can truly make a difference in any organization’s bottom-line by playing a key role in …

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Artificial Intelligence

Are we handing over our professional judgement to machine learning?Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in our collective awareness since the introduction of the villainous computer HAL 9000 in Stanley Kubrick’s classic film 2001. AI has had a few moments in popular culture such as supercomputer IBM Watson’s appearance on Jeopardy in 2011 but has typically …

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Blockchain The Movie

The amazing origin story of Blockchain rising from the financial crisis to the introduction of bitcoin and now saving the world! Blockchain has been described as a transformative technology that will fundamentally change our relationships with third-party intermediaries including banks, lawyers, and accountants. Blockchain technology has the potential to be a significant disruptor in terms …

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