Improv For Business Communication

Most people have interacted with leaders who they would say are great at “thinking on their feet”. They would describe these individuals as having an ability to handle any challenging conversation or question with grace and aplomb. In this way, the ability to “think on your feet” has typically been seen as something leaders are born with.

However, the ability to react to a challenging dialogue in real time to achieve an optimal outcome can be learned. Theater improv offers us tools that can be practiced that will help leaders respond with confidence and calm to the unexpected.

This webinar will explore why we may have varied reactions to these unexpected moments and introduce improv as a tool that can help us move toward greater consistency and confidence in the outcome.
CPE Hours 1
CPE Designation PD

For more information or to schedule an inhouse webinar, please contact:
Beckie Reilly • (855) 988.2020 • or email

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