Why Choose 20-20 Services?

why-chooseAt 20-20 Services, we put ourselves in your shoes. As the person or group of people in charge of selecting training programs for your firm or association, you have an important responsibility. Experience with our clients has shown us that there are four primary factors to consider in your decision making:

  • CONTENT – Is it good and what you need?
  • INSTRUCTORS – Are they qualified and consistent?
  • CLIENT SERVICE – Are they responsive and easy to work with?
  • PRICING – Does it fit into your budget?

It is our mission at 20-20 Services to meet or exceed your expectations in each of these four areas.


Our team of content developers are among the best in the business and it shows in our course materials. We place tremendous emphasis on creating programs that include fresh, relevant and practical information, designed to be interesting and engaging for course participants at all levels. Our developers have deep roots in the audit and tax professions, as most are former or current practitioners with specialized training in adult learning techniques.


We know course instructors are an integral part of the learning equation and they can make the difference between an adequate training experience or an exceptional one. At 20-20 Services we strive to hire only the best. Each of our instructors has the winning combination of great Public Accounting experience coupled with an unbelievable passion for teaching. Not only will participants get the technical information they need, they will have an enjoyable experience leaning it!


20-20 Services knows that exceptional client service on our end saves you time and money (and undue stress, we hope!). We are committed to providing you with an experience that surpasses your expectations. You can expect:

  • Return phone calls within a business day
  • Remittance of clear and accurate invoices within 10 business days of a course completion
  • A fast response time to any requests and changes
  • Assurance that you’ll have everything you need for a successful training class
  • That we’ll ask you “How’d we do?”, and take corrective action if, in your eyes, we fell short in any way


20-20 Services is proud to offer our valuable programs at a reasonable price. In addition, our pricing structure will be easy to understand. Your bills will be accurate and arrive in a timely manner.

  • Audit Pricing - Core Level Audit Training (Levels 1 – 6) is priced at $3,099 per day, for up to 24 participants. Additional participants are $100 per-day, with a class maximum of 30.
  • Tax Pricing - Core Level Tax Training (Levels 1-3) is priced at $3,299 per day + $99 per participant material charge. Level 4 is $3,500 per day + $99 participant material charge. And our LLC and Partnership Bootcamp is $3,500 per day + $66 per participant material charge. Additional participants are $100 per-day, with a class maximum of 30.
    The out-of-pocket instructor expenses will also be added to your invoice.