Here’s what they say

The (Tax Boot Camp) was truly the best CPE I've taken in recent memory and 100% relevant to the work we do on a daily basis in our office...I think I can speak for everyone when I say the examples and case studies -- as well as your explanations -- were very clear, concise, and extremely helpful. 

LLC and Partnership Tax Boot Camp participant

The instructor was very informative. What made it even better was that she had experience in the field and had real life examples that everyone in the room could relate to.

Audit Level Three: Experienced In-Charge Participant

The instructor was clear and easy to understand. Her use of visual aids provided a presentation that was engaging and captivating. The exercise she gave us to work on in groups generated excellent discussions. She is one of the best presenters that I have seen in a number of years.

Audit Level Six: Manager Participant

The most relevant part of the training was that it covered the audit planning process, which included internal controls, understanding the entity and fraud risk factors. As a second year staff, I will be getting much more involved in these areas. I benefitted greatly from the case studies because we actually went through possible field work scenarios.

Audit Level Two: Staff Training Participant

Easily the best training I have been a part of. The instructor did a great job of taking the material and making it engaging and easy to follow.

Tax Level Three Participant

The instructor had a very hands on approach, and did a great job facilitating the classroom discussion. He was also extremely knowledgeable and used a lot of real word examples. I really enjoyed his style of teaching.

Tax Level Two Participant

The recent leadership program which I participated in resulted in a burst of energy out of me and a greater understanding of my life. The wealth of knowledge and the content that I absorbed is unexplainably rewarding. I truly believe that any committed person would fully benefi t from such a development experience.

Leadership Development Participant