Personal Development

Building Your Firm’s Future and Legacy

Companies who choose to invest in the personal development of their staff have the opportunity to witness firsthand how people transform into leaders. Succession planning decisions become more transparent as you see people showing up differently. 20-20 Services has designed leadership and personal development programs specifically for the public accounting profession.

People are most successful when they take ownership of their own development, rather than believing that someone else is responsible for it.

The 20-20 Personal Development Suite of Programs include:

Leadership Development Program
This program runs approximately six to nine months and includes three workshops as follows: Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading the Firm. Between the workshops participants have individual coaching sessions. At the conclusion of the program participants will have created and finalized a personal development plan of action.
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Experienced Manager Program
Designed for individuals who have two or more years’ experience in the manager role at a public accounting firm. It explores the skills necessary for seasoned managers to develop into future leaders of the firm.
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Presentation, Instruction, and Facilitation Programs (PIFS)
Designed for experienced public accounting professionals (Supervisors – Partners) who have a need to present information in a variety of settings, such as entrance and exit conferences, board meetings, speeches and/or training programs.
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Leadership Workshops
20-20 Services has partnered with Kristen Rampe Consulting to deliver comprehensive workshops that focus on developing skills to turn your technical experts into well-rounded, effective communicators, professionals and leaders.
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Hear Citrin Cooperman CEO Joel Cooperman and others discuss how 20-20’s Leadership Development Program help them meet their firm goals.

Joel Cooperman: Citrin Cooperman - Chief Executive Officer

Michael Rhodes: Citrin Cooperman - Audit Partner and Director of Learning & Development

Allison Brack: Citrin Cooperman - Tax Partner

Our programs enable individuals to become accountable for their own leadership potential by helping them understand:

  • What will allow you to become a become a more effective leader and, as important, what may be holding you back
  • How to create and pursue a tailored development path to reach your full potential
  • Where you intend to apply your leadership within the firm

Personal experiences will vary depending upon individual capacity and desire for development, which are both necessary for growth. Generally, individuals come away with:

  • Awareness of their leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Improved confidence in their ability to lead
  • Stronger executive presence
  • Deepened sense of ownership in firm business
  • Understanding of the tools needed to be an effective leader

Firm-wide benefits include:

  • Organizational alignment and culture enhancement. “Silos” are unified for the firm’s greater good.
  • Ability to identify the firm’s future leaders through assessments and observed behavior changes
  • Cost effective learning versus one-to-one development options (e.g. executive coaching)
  • A competitive advantage over firms who only focus on skills training and industry requirements