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  • 20-20 Services Announces New Soft Skills Offerings for Professionals - New Essential Soft Skills Training for Public Accounting Professionals 20-20 Services LLC offers courses designed to meet the growing need for soft skills development for tax, audit, and consulting professionals ROCKVILLE, MD – September 16, 2016: Public accounting firms and professionals now have more options when it comes to developing and improving their soft skills, […]

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  • Image of person checking email Open me, please. - How Getting Personal With Email Helps Boost Engagement I live in a large neighborhood with a very active community email list serve that exists primarily to share information. A mere glance at an email subject line is all I need to determine one thing: does it matter to me? Much of what is shared there […]
  • Back to Battery- Surviving Partner Work Ethic, cont. - by Bo Fitzpatrick, President, 20-20 Services Most of us use smart phones. I currently have the iPhone 6S. We use these devices for almost everything from emails, to surfing the web, to weather, to tracking how many steps we’ve taken today. And, we all probably know that when we open an app or a website, […]