Audit Training in Baltimore, MD

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Ensuring that your audit staff at every level of the organization will be highly effective in their roles can be a challenge. 20-20 Services audit training in Baltimore, MD is an excellent opportunity to prepare your entire team to meet the challenges they face day-to-day in their jobs. Your team will be ready when they are needed.

Our Levels of Audit Training

Our audit training courses cover each level of job responsibility held by client-facing staff within the public accounting firm. Whether it is the entry level new guy or the lead manager, we have a course for everyone to improve their capabilities and expertise in their respective position. 20-20 Services offers six levels of audit training to prepare your team for the challenges within each position of your firm.

  1. New Hire Training- This program is designed for individuals with little to no experience with auditing. This training develops skills for individuals in the common auditing areas designated to newer associates.
  2. Staff Training- This course is designed for staff accountants with around a year of experience in the field. Content in this course is targeted towards preparing the individual for tasks required of the more experienced staff member on the audit.
  3. New In-Charge Training- This course is dedicated to preparing the individual transitioning into Senior or In-Charge on the audit engagement team. The course material in this section focuses more on the audit process, supervision and project management.
  4. Experienced In-Charge- This is a 3-day program that is targeted toward advancing the skill level of the in-field leader. This includes evaluating management procedures, motivating team members and assuring efficient performance.
  5. Supervisor Training- This course is designed to advance the skills of experienced in-field auditors and initiating the development of management skills.
  6. Manager- This portion of our program is focused on preparing individuals who are transitioning into a managerial role or are already in management. This course dives into technical auditing processes and management function within the public accounting profession.

Audit Training Class Location:

Hilton Baltimore

401 W Pratt Street

Baltimore, MD 21201

(443) 573-8700

Hotel Website

Level 1-6 Dates:

Level 1: New Hire - December 4-6

Level 2: Staff - October 21-23

Level 3: New In-Charge - November 4-6

Level 4: Experienced In-Charge - November 11-13

Level 5: Supervisor - November 7-8

Level 6: Manager - December 5-6

Register: Click here to register for Baltimore courses

Training Times: 8:30am-5pm for levels 1-4, on the last day levels 1-4 will end at 3pm. Levels 5 and 6 will end at 5pm on the final day

Meals: Lunch and a light afternoon snack are included in tuition. Dietary needs? Contact

Dress Code: Business casual attire

What to Bring: Course materials will be provided to you in advance, electronically. Please bring the materials loaded onto your laptop or tablet with you to class.

Questions? If you have any questions contact Patty Cuskelly, email: or phone: 855-988-2020